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ARCHERY ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE                                                   

AAS Annual Archery Championship 2015                         

Dear Principals, Teachers / HODS, Coaches and Clubs

The Archery Association of Singapore cordially invites you and your members or students to participate in our Annual Archery Championship 2015.  We strive to foster better relationships amongst our archers.  This would be the closing event of the year and as part of our celebrations of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50).

Details of the competition are as follows:

Date                            :           18/12/2015 to 20/12/2015

Time                           :           8:00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue                    :           Queenstown Stadium Singapore

Entry                           :

Pr 1 Class     (Age: 11 – 12yrs old)

Pr 2 Class     (Age: 10yrs and below)

S1 Class       (Age: 13 – 14yrs old)

S2 Class       (Age: 15 – 16yrs old)

Junior            (Age: 17 – 20yrs old)

Open              (Age: 21yrs and above)

Registration Fees    :           $25.00 per archer

Closing Date             :           12/12/2015 (Sunday)

To ensure the success of this event, invitations will be extended to the following organizations: –

Clubs / Interest groups

  • Educational Institutions
  • Sporting Association / Organizations / Societies


  • Registration form submitted has to be type written
  • This is not a FITA sanctioned competition
  • Rules of the Competition can be found in the enclosed “Rules & Regulations” document
  • The Organizing committee reserves the right to make any amendments to the above without any prior notice. The information is found to be correct at the time of printing

For any further enquiries, please email to:

Thank you for your continuous support and looking forward to your active participations.

Organizing Committee





The Championship shall be played mainly under the rules stated in this document and the rules stated in the 2014 World Archery Federation Constitution.

2             DIVISION


  • All students shall compete in the ‘C’ Division according to their year of birth as follows:

Pr 1 Class:  Age 11- 12yrs

Pr 2 Class   Age 10yrs and below

S1   Class    Age 13-14yrs

S2   Class    Age 15-16yrs

Junior Class      Age 17-20yrs

Open Class       Age 21yrs and above

3             ENTRIES


  • Each school/Club is eligible to enter an unlimited number of entries for the all Division.
  • For students who have no CCA Archery in their schools may register through their archery club which must be affiliated to Archery Association of Both the school and club names must be indicated on the Registration Form.
  • However, students registering   through their archery club   can   only participate in the Individual Event.

3.3       Strictly 1 registration form entry per school/club will be accepted.

  • To qualify as a participant of the Team Event, he/she will also have to be a participant of the Individual
  • The registration forms of players must be received by the Organising Committee concerned on or before the stipulated closing

Late entries shall not be entertained.


  • There must be a minimum of Two (2) registered individuals from Two (2) different schools before the Individual Event in the Championship can be
  • There must be a minimum of Two (2) registered teams from Two (2) different schools before the Team Event in the Championship can be


  • The categories for Individual Event for Boy and Girls are as follows:


No. Division Category Division Code








Pr 1 & Pr 2 Division Recurve Unlimited        P-R
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Single  target face
2nd round: 18m with 40cm Single  target face


S1  & S2 Division Recurve Unlimited        S-R
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple target faces
2st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple target faces 2nd round: 30m with 80cm target face



No. Division Category Division Code







Junior Division Recurve Unlimited        J-R
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces
2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces


Open Division Recurve Unlimited         O-R
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces
2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces


No. Division Category Division Code








S2 Division Compound Unlimited         C-O
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces
2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces 2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces


Open Division Compound Unlimited         OO
1st   round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces
2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces 2nd round: 18m with 40cm Triple  target faces



  • The Individual Event consists of Individual Ranking and Individual Knock-Out (IKO).




  • An archer in Individual Ranking event will shoot a total of 30 arrows in 2 Each round consists of 15 arrows: 3 arrows X 5 ends.

The time limit for each end is 2 minutes.

  • Archers will be ranked according to their total scores for 30


  • The top 8 archers in Individual Ranking from each category will qualify for Individual Knock-Out round.
  • Archers will shoot a series of knock-out Each match consists of up to 5 sets of 3 arrows, and each set has a time limit of 2 minutes. The winner of each set will get 2 points and a draw will get 1 point each. The first person to obtain 6 points wins the match and proceeds to the next stage. If a tie persists after the 5th set, a single arrow shoot off will be shot and the archer with arrow closest to the centre will win.
  • For prizes awarded in Individual Event, refer to Para 1.

5.5          TEAM EVENT

5.5.1    Team Event is for all categories.

  • Team Event consists of a Team Knock-Out
  • The top 8 teams will qualify for Team event.

The top scoring team from every school in each category will qualify for the Team Event.

  • Each team will consist of the top 3 scoring archers of the same gender, same school and same
  • Each team in Team Knock-Out Elimination round will shoot a total of 24 arrows: 2 arrows x 3 archers x 4 The time limit for each end is 2 minutes.

It is based on set point system. The winner of each set will get 2 points and a draw will get 1 point each. The first team to obtain 5 points wins the match and proceeds to the next stage.


  • For prizes awarded in Team Event, refer to Para 2.
  • All shooting equipment used by archers competing in Recurve Unlimited and Compound Bow Unlimited Categories shall conform to World Archery Recurve bow and Compound bow specifications

5.7          TEAM MANAGERS


All schools/clubs are requested to nominate one team manager.

The team manager of each school will be responsible for the well-being and the dissemination of information to their respective teams.


6             APPEAL

  • Upon the release/disclosure of the decision of the Championship Organizing Committee, only nominated team manager may lodge an appeal
  • Notices of appeal shall be lodged with the Championship Organising Committee and it must be written and sent in within 10 (Ten) minutes after the round has ended or before the commencement of the next game The appeal form will be made available in front of the DOS stand. A non-refundable administrative appeal fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) will be charged upon the submission of the forms.
  • The Jury of Appeal will be appointed at the Championship Organizing Committee’s The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.

7             SUSPENSION

A  player  suspended  by  any  one  of  the  following  bodies  is  barred  from participating in this Championship:

  • the School
  • the Schools Sport Council
  • the National Association of the sport/game

8             PRIZES

The number of prizes or medals to be awarded at the Championship shall be as follows:

  • Individual Event

i         2 participants                           –           2 prizes

ii         3 participants                          –           2 prizes

iii        4 participants                           –           3 prizes

iv       5 or more participants             –           4 prizes


8.2       Team Event

i         2 teams                       –           1 team prizes

ii         3 teams                       –           2 team prizes

iii        4 teams                       –           3 team prizes

iv       5 or more teams         –           4 team prizes

9             JUDGES / OFFICIALS


9.1       Judges/officials will be appointed by the Championship Organising Committee.

  • The decision made by judges/officials regarding all shooting matters will be deemed

10          COACHES

  • Coaches are expected to conduct themselves with decorum during
  • Coaches are not allowed to approach the game officials to query their Only team managers are allowed to approach game officials to seek clarifications.

11          SUPPORTERS


Schools sending supporters to any competition shall ensure that their students are in proper school uniform and there is sufficient number of teachers on duty to maintain discipline.



Participating Schools/Clubs will be disqualified if it commits any of the following:

i           fielding over-aged player

ii           fielding unregistered player iii           fielding an ineligible player

iv         fielding player without a valid student pass v           fielding a non-bona-fide student

vi         team/player which caused a game/match to be abandoned

All results involving the team which has been disqualified will be considered null and void.

13          ATTIRE

  • All school athletes must be dressed in school tops/shirt (bear the school colours/logo/badge or name) Tops/shirt must not be
  • Jeans and non-covered shoes are
  • Participants in the team event must be dressed in the same
  • Coaches need not be in the same attire as the


All matters not provided for in these Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with by the respective Championship Organizing Committees.


Chairman of Championship Organizing Committee Archery Association of Singapore

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make any amendment to the above without prior notice. The information provided is correct at the time of printing


Appeal Form

The Team Manager of:                                                                            (Team)

Team Manager Name:                                                                                       





This appeal is submitted against:


                                                                                                             (Team/Individual) Description of Appeal:







Note: This signed form must be submitted to the Organizers of the Tournament/ Chief Judge for this competition on the same day as the alleged infraction occurred, and before the next phase of the competition. As soon as the members of the Jury of Appeal have reached a decision, it will be advised below. The decision of the Jury is final.

Time Received:                        Received by: Signed:    


Having considered the Appeal above, the Jury supports/rejects the Appeal based on House Rule                                                                          of the World Archery Federation Constitution & Rules and Competition Regulations.


Action Taken:

Name and Signature of Jury Chairperson: Name and Signature of Jury Member: Name and Signature of Jury Member:



Club/School Name:
Team Manager HP No:
Email:   Tel/Fax:
NROC Coach: Contact No:
Participant’s Particulars
Please send all entries to “ “






Archery Association of Singapore

Open Trial Notification – Entry into NATT and DEV teams

Date                        :               22 and 29 November 2015

Venue                     :               Queenstown stadium

Registration           :               08:30am – Registration

Trial Commence   :               09:00am – Controlled Practice

………………………..                 09:45am – Recurve & Compound Individual Ranking

Category                :               (1) Recurve Men / Women        (2) Compound Men / Women

Distance                 :

Recurve Men/Women Category: (72 arrows)

70M – 122cm target face, 36 arrows per round, 2 rounds.

Compound Men / women: (72 arrows)

50M – 80cm (5 Rings) target face, 36 arrows per round, 2 rounds


Closing Date      :               18 November 2015

Must submit this Notification with your complete details to & name the file in the following format.

Your NRIC is required during the registration for verification purpose.


Trial Registration fee     :               $30.00 Each Trial               (Non-refundable)

                                                                All participants have to pay the trial registration fee


  1. Archers who meet the entry score will be selected to join the NATT or the DEV team, based on the scores and ranking attained. Athletes need to attain the scores in both trials.


……………NATT                   DEV

RM          619                         557

RW          606                         545

CM          676                         608

CW          662                         595



Participant Signature / Date

Rules and Regulations


  1. By registering for the trial, Participant/Parent/Guardian had agreed on the following Rules & Regulations. He / She will indemnify and keep indemnified, save and hold harmless Archery Association of Singapore and its officers, servants, employees, agents or volunteers against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses, including legal fees, and any other liability arising in any way from this archery t
  2. No late registration or walk in registration will be entertained.

All entries must be submitted before the Closing Date in order to participate in the trial.

  1. Each club can register through email ONE coach / official to assist their archers during the trial. Club coach / official cannot interfere with the running or conduct of the trial. Doing so will result in barring of the club from participating in future trials.
  1. If the archer had registered but didn’t attend the trial, the archer still has to pay the registration fee to AAS. By not doing so the Club /archer will be barred from future trial.
  1. Should any dispute arise, the representative / official / coach of the archer / club involved are to bring the matter to AAS official / representative on-site. If the archer is not represented by any club representative, then said archer should raise the issue as soon as is convenient.
  1. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute on site, the archer / club involved may be called to meet with AAS officials to discuss and resolve the issue.
  1. In the event that the trial is unable to be completed, the results of to the last complete end shot will be taken as results and be adjusted accordingly.


Participant’s Details

Name                                    :                                                                               NRIC                      :

Gender                                 :               Male / Female

DOB                                       :                                                                               Club/School        :

Contact number               :                                                                               Email                     :

Category                              :               Recurve Men / Recurve Women / Compound Men / Compound Women


Athlete’s Declaration:


I, ___________________________confirm that I have read and understood the terms and condition and agree to abide by all terms and conditions therein, and in addition, I declare that the information provided is correct.



Archer’s Signature & Date


For Participant below 21 years old

Name of Parent / Guardian                         :

NRIC of Parent / Guardian                           :

Relationship to Participant                           :

Contact number of Parent / Guardian    :








  1. Expectation and Scope of Services of Coach for SINGAPORE

a. To impart archery skills to archers at intermediate to advanced level.

b. To train, prepare and shortlist teams to represent Singapore in national / regional / continental / international archery tournaments through 2017.

c. To instill good moral values and sportsmanship throughout the coaching season.

d. To support the High Performance Unit working towards the tournament dates; work within the stipulated requirements as indicated by the NSA.

e. Candidate will be requested to sit-in via video interview or in person, for a sharing on coaching philosophy and methodology.


  1. Qualifications and Requirements of Coach

a. Must be at least a valid SG-Coaching NROC Level 3, OR EQUIVALENT. NROC Level 2 will be considered but subject to coaching experience.

b. Must have / be willing to attend the National Standards for Youth Sports program.

c. Must have coached athletes to National competitive level.

d. Must possess a valid First aid certification during the stated contract period.

e. Must have prior coaching experience with adolescents and adults, and currently actively coaching competitive archery teams in National level competitions.

  1. Coach’s Profile

a. The coach must be at least 25 years of age.

b. Coach must have minimum of 5 years coaching experience.

c. Open to Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Resident, Foreign Nationals. If the coach is a foreigner, he/she must possess, will be issued a valid Employment Pass through the NSA, and issued by the Ministry of Manpower to cover the same period of contract duration.

d. Must be able to provide a profile and coaching experience / achievement as a trainer for coaching competitive / recreational teams at intermediate / advanced level.

e. Must be able to commit for 2 years and develop a coaching plan in conjunction with the High Performance Unit (HP).

d. Must be able to work with a strength conditioning coach, in consultation with the High Performance Unit (HP), to tailor a training road map for all athletes in the program.

e. Must be able to work with Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), in consultation with the High Performance Unit (HP), to define and develop performance benchmark tools.


  1. Duration and Frequency of Training

a. Duration of contract: 1st Dec 2015 to 31st Dec 2017.

b. The coach shall perform the services on stipulated days, venues and times according to the requirements of the National Youth Squad.

  1. Venue of Training

The training shall be carried out, as stipulated, at ranges and sporting facilities as stipulated by the Archery    Association of Singapore (National Sports Association), in collaboration with Sports Singapore.

  1. Liaison in charge

Please contact Mr. Ken Ang at +65 9 876 0263 (Office hours: 0800hrs – 1730hrs) or email at for further inquiries.

  1. Remuneration

Charges will be based on 40 hour work week. Please furnish your CV.

  1. Documents to be submitted for evaluation

Coaches must submit the following documents together with Coaching Philosophy Write-up and any other relevant documentation, for evaluation.

Failure to do so may render the professional service proposal liable for disqualification.

1) Photocopy of NRIC or Passport.

2) Photocopy of Employment Pass for foreigners.

3) Photocopy of VALID First Aid Certification for the contract period.

4) Photocopy of Relevant coaching certifications (NCAP Theory & Technical certificates)

5) Updated Coaching CV within the last 4 years with the following information:

– Relevant coaching achievements

– Sample differentiated training plans on coaching (Youth)

– Referral contacts


  1. Acceptance of Application

a.  Archery Singapore does not bind itself to accept the coaching services and reserves the right to review the  terms per annual in whole or parts.

b. Archery Singapore normally does not enter into correspondence with any coaches regarding the reasons for non-acceptance of an application.

c. The issue by Archery Singapore of a Letter of Acceptance accepting the application shall create a binding contract on the part of the Coach to Archery Singapore.  Archery Singapore may at its discretion require the Coach to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


***THE END***