Anti Social Social Club Bleached Distressed Tee

This Tee is Hand Bleached and features handmade grinded edges along the bottom hem, sleeves, and neck opening, for a light distressed look.

100% Ring Spun Pre-Shrunk Cotton - for a very soft and premium feel. This is not made on a standard Gildan Tee its on a very premium Tee Shirt that i guarantee you will love to wear. High quality light colored cream print that will not crack!

Made from one fan to another, you will get a lot of attention with this Tee! Check my reviews everyone is very happy.


MEN: I Suggest going one size up on this. Look at sizing guide below and compare to a Tee Shirt you have. Its pretty fitted so go one size up.

WOMEN: Even though this is cut for Mens, it is fitted, and due to that I have had many female friends wear my clothes. Buy a Small if you want it on the tight side and go up if you want to try it as a dress or an oversized top.

Chest width 19 inch
Total Length 27 inch

Chest width 20 inch
Total Length 27.5 inch

Chest width 21 inch
Total Length 29 inch

Chest width 22 inch
Total Length 31 inch
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